Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting ready for the holidays

So I am just as the title says getting my crafting materials ready for the late end holidays. Next year I hope to be able to do more for other events but X-Mas has always been the make it or break it part of the year. I plan on having more baskets with a variety of items inside. As well as some new soaps and jewelry. I have been pretty busy and haven't had a chance to blog here much. Between last month and this month I have had to carry my husband to the hospital four times. Given the fact he is only 30 and me 29, I just never thought we would be making these trips like we did. He has cluster headaches and they are cronic so we need to get with a head doctor and he will be put on drugs for the remainder of his life. For those that pray, please do we could use some good words put in for us. We don't have insurance and the payments for the bills are insane. He is still trying to find work with the IT Associates degree he recently received but places want experience but how can you get experience if no one gives you a chance? Well its clear I have rambled myself from crafting to my personal life. But if anything it just proves I am just as much human as the rest of ya. I hope your year was alot better then mine so far. I will be blogging more in the future I promise. Til then everyone stay safe.

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