Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knitting away = )

So I am still on the knitting kick as you can see. I have had all this yarn laying around and am currently taking a break from crocheting. Its just something about using 2 needles instead of a hook that I like right now. Currently I have 75 items in my shop many listings with multiples in them so in a since there is more then 75 total. I think right now I can afford to take the time and effort in getting the science down. I am working on many items one of them being a blanket. This will be my first knit blanket I have made crocheted ones in the past. I have tried racking my brain with the knitting loom as well but just can't get the purl/knit technique. I have tried to do a ripple but it comes out more like bricks if you will then anything bumpy if any of my readers know something about the loom please feel free to shoot me a message and clue me in. The twist knit that is about the only technique I currently have down on the loom. From the waist to the length of the dress of this pup is made from the knitting loom the rest of the project was crocheted.

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