Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Bead At A Time

I am wanting to start a new trend here on Etsy and I think its a great idea for us jewelry designers. I call it One Bead At A Time. Anyone who is interested has until Sept.5th to send in at least 1 bead from their collection be it any material shape or size. Lets see how long we can make a necklace from all the contributed beads.

After Sept.5th I will need some time to assemble the necklace then I will draw a name randomly from the sellers who took part in this event and the winner gets the necklace = ). All it will cost you is 1 bead, your business card, and the postage to my address which if you win you get so much more in return. I plan on making some runner up prizes whether it be a gift certificate or soap or something along those lines.

If you wish to participate please convo me and I will exchange info with you there.

My blog www.kapryecreations.blogspot.com/ will have a list of the participates in the contest when I start receiving messages. Please make sure you place a business card in with the bead as well.

Please note I plan on having some filler beads of my own in the event we don't get a big turn out so at least someone will still get a good sized necklace out of the deal.

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