Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrap the old shop for now

Decided to do away with the old shop for now and focus strictly on Kaprie's Creations. And I am in talks for my 4th sale = ). Also working a little coop advertising going to see how that goes. I am so excited. I get this way ever time someone new likes my items = )

A Homemade CVS pretty much. I do candles, lotions, soaps, jewelry, crocheted animals, and even clay.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

crocheted animals and Pamper Yourself

Confused yet? So been working on crocheted animals for my other shop www.kaprye.etsy.com
As you can see its empty T_T so I am restocking. Other then that on my main shop I have a new listing called Pamper Yourself.

Choose from the shop inventory your soap, candle, and lotion. Its that simple. The way I see it some people buy expensive items, others buy a tasty snack, and some like me just enjoy a nice relaxing tub, a lotion rub down ( by you or your other half ; ) ), or a candle lite dinner. Well I can't supply the dinner because well I cook but not good enough to sell but 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

Guys this is your chance to show your woman how much she means to you. The way I see it as many other females do its nice to be appreciated not just on special days but everyday. Once in a while a handful of flowers, dinner, we don't ask a lot but we sure do give it don't we girls.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Buy 1 get 1 50% off til Sunday!!!!

Take advantage of my sale going on til Sunday!! Buy any item then buy a 2nd item equal or lesser value and get 50% off !!!!! Please make sure you convo me before finishing the payment process through paypal so the invoice will show the discount and I won't have to go all the way through it just to give a refund. Just less hectic that way ya know = ).


Sorry I haven't been blogging lately still trying to figure out this sales tax deal. They have me down as paying monthly. Its like I told the lady on the phone today... the word "tax" makes my stomach turn more then ever. I have talked with other sellers and they make it out to be easy but maybe Indiana is different because they want to know my out of state sales as well. At anyrate luckly for me I technically only have 2 so far. I would love more sales but sadly I am kind of glad its only 2 for right now. At least til I get the hang of taxes then I should be set on it all. As you can tell I am still wet behind the ears to an extent. I just love making things with my hands and I love the fact you can sell over the net. I for one am not a huge people person... sure I will talk to you online but face to face its just different. I feel like I am more allowed to open up my shell and come out when online where as face to face I wouldn't dare stop someone to get them to look at something I have made. I take great pride in everything I make whether its a simple little magnet or a pendant that I have worked on for days trying to get it just right. In the end as selfishly as it may sound I craft for me. It gets my mind off of things I really have no control over and its just a great little get-away. I am sure my fellow crafters know what I mean = ). Anyway I will try to blog more often. But if you talk to me daily you know I am on Etsy or crafting so feel free to hunt me down.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Current Events

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! As you can see I am still twinking it so please be patient I am a very detail oriented person. If this picture does not look right to me it could take hours before I am finally satisfied. As you can see from my Etsy shop I am still fairly new so please if you have any pearls of wisdom to pass on do so. I love crafting and sharing with others. So when I came across this community it just fit like a glove. Currently only selling to the United States, this is not to upset other countries if anything its because I don't have experience in international shipping proceedures as of yet. Though I am working on it and learning something new everyday. My Kaprie shop is leaning more toward items made from clay, crocheted animals, and of course jewelry. My other shop, Kaprye, is currently under construction will cater to the soap, candles, and maybe some jewelry and animals. I am an etsy addict and proud of it.