Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry I haven't been blogging lately still trying to figure out this sales tax deal. They have me down as paying monthly. Its like I told the lady on the phone today... the word "tax" makes my stomach turn more then ever. I have talked with other sellers and they make it out to be easy but maybe Indiana is different because they want to know my out of state sales as well. At anyrate luckly for me I technically only have 2 so far. I would love more sales but sadly I am kind of glad its only 2 for right now. At least til I get the hang of taxes then I should be set on it all. As you can tell I am still wet behind the ears to an extent. I just love making things with my hands and I love the fact you can sell over the net. I for one am not a huge people person... sure I will talk to you online but face to face its just different. I feel like I am more allowed to open up my shell and come out when online where as face to face I wouldn't dare stop someone to get them to look at something I have made. I take great pride in everything I make whether its a simple little magnet or a pendant that I have worked on for days trying to get it just right. In the end as selfishly as it may sound I craft for me. It gets my mind off of things I really have no control over and its just a great little get-away. I am sure my fellow crafters know what I mean = ). Anyway I will try to blog more often. But if you talk to me daily you know I am on Etsy or crafting so feel free to hunt me down.

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