Friday, March 13, 2009

Current Events

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! As you can see I am still twinking it so please be patient I am a very detail oriented person. If this picture does not look right to me it could take hours before I am finally satisfied. As you can see from my Etsy shop I am still fairly new so please if you have any pearls of wisdom to pass on do so. I love crafting and sharing with others. So when I came across this community it just fit like a glove. Currently only selling to the United States, this is not to upset other countries if anything its because I don't have experience in international shipping proceedures as of yet. Though I am working on it and learning something new everyday. My Kaprie shop is leaning more toward items made from clay, crocheted animals, and of course jewelry. My other shop, Kaprye, is currently under construction will cater to the soap, candles, and maybe some jewelry and animals. I am an etsy addict and proud of it.

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